Vic Gonzales III

Web Designer / Web Developer / SEO Specialists

Vic is an experienced web developer and website designer and has created numerous websites through the years.

He is also a a dedicated SEO or Search Engine Optimization specialists. 


Vic Gonzales III 

Hello, I’m Vic and I do web design and content writing, with a strong proficiency in online marketing and website services. Specializing in SEOor Search Engine Optimization, I offer a range of skills including website design on WordPress, online marketing, SEO, social media management, general web development and ad campaigns.

I am currently based and operating in Roxas City, Capiz in the Philippines.

Having successfully executed SEO projects for websites in the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, the US, and the Philippines, I bring a diverse and global perspective to my work.

Currently, I am head of the SEO and Content Campaigns for a chain of small media website in Australia and at the same time for a couple of E-Commerce sites.  

I have also contributed my expertise to renowned companies such as Weblicious, an Australian online services firm, Optimum Local and Elephant Mobile, both US-based web services companies, Crawford and O’Brien a digital and marketing firm based in the US, Website Rockstars and Sidekick Mark in California. 

I also designed, created and maintain a couple of personal websites.

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“My clients have been very happy with the output!”

Why Work With Me?

I am competent and hardworking.

I get things done and most of all…

I love my work

Qualifications & Awards

Here are some pertinent details related to the business that I have acquired through the years.


  • Content Marketing Specialists Course
  • WordPress Web Design course
  • SEO Specialists course
  • Digital marketing course


  • Designed and created more than 16 websites worldwide
  • Been part of more than 20 SEO campaigns in the past 13 years
  • Worked as a freelancer for various digital agencies in the past 13 years.


  • Recognized by the renowned SEO agency Crawford and O’Brien as the most promising Junior SEO specialist in 2012.

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Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz 5800